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Just like Botanica this Game is wonderful you can touch everything and they’ll open, light up, or make sounds! It’s breathtakingly beautiful and fun to figure out! I hope I see a new game coming out on iOS from you guys soon, thanks!

Challenging and beautiful

Interesting plot, gorgeous sound design. The artwork was amazing. I can easily see myself replaying. (Where are Samorost 1 and 2, though?)

Why isnt the other two samarost games available for download?

what a crappy bundle

Ridiculous menu

As others have stated, the menu is atrocious. It’s so ridiculously nonsensical that after messing with it about a dozen times I’ve given up. Either the developers are non-English speaking and are too apathetic to get a translator, or they are just plain apathetic to begin with. Take your pick. Also, the game is pointlessly difficult. Any game where even a walkthrough video is no help should be deleted from the app store. Would give 0 stars if possible.

Best Game Ever

This game has almost ruined all games for me because I can't find one that can hold up to this one. I've played all the games they've put out and have really enjoyed them all but this one is by far my favorite! The puzzles, imagery, characters, everything is brilliantly thought out! It's a masterpiece, LOVED the game! I can't say enough wonderful things about it, I was so sad when it ended. I keep checking back to see if the developers have put any new games out.

Take time to enjoy it.

Become immersed in a world of unique music, amazing color, texture and a cast of unusual characters and settings. The last thing I wanted was to barrel through it. It’s an adventure so take your time, enjoy the visual artistry while you discover. Sure, I found myself stuck here and there, but that’s part of it, it’s a game. It’s different and that’s what makes it even more interesting and special. It may not appeal to everyone, but I absolutely love it. Thanks Amanita.

Why does it get stuck?

I read great reviews and would like to have the Sam experience. I’ve had to resort to walk through but can’t proceed from the first planet. I’m well above spec on ios11. But there is a point where things appear for a while, then mushrooms should grow. This never happens for me. Tried deleting and starting over, but no dice. Maybe it’s my iPad mini, but then they are scamming me by not giving me the correct specs. <emoji>disappointed<emoji>. Wasted money.

I love Samarost

I like Samarost because it has different worlds you can go to and solve puzzles. I wish I had a stuffie of all the characters. I love it so much. My favorite thing in the game was the puzzle on the tree trunk planet. Ok that’s all I want to say. Aya (6yrs old). Dictated by dad.

Unrealistic game for iPad

I got to the second world, solved the puzzles and got to the turtle. It is impossible to push in all the bubbles on the turtle to get to reveal the pattern to get to the next stage. By the time I push mostly the large ones, the tiny bubbles pop back up and then followed by others. Timing is awful and does not give enough time to complete the puzzle. Yes graphic is great but what is the use, if the game has this puzzle that is impossible to solve on iPad. I went to YouTube to get guidance and most of the people who solved this puzzle were playing it on a PC.


To me Amanita Design is like A beautiful Mind.. Whats a spectacular imagination and eyesore view, Just, keep going Because that’s the Right On!


This game...ahhhhh yeahhhhhhh! These designers... from another dimension! I am excitedly waiting on their next project!!! Kudos Amanita!!!


So beautiful and creative... Loved it!! Some puzzles took days, weeks and even months to figure out, so it’s definitely geared more towards people that enjoy exploring, but hopefully in this instant gratification world that doesn’t put you off. Hats off to developers for another gem in their series. If you haven’t already tried Botanica & Mechanarium, I highly suggest you check them out next.

So Amazing!

I think i’ve played this game at least five times. It’s so entertaining! I constantly can’t get enough of this, I want the samorost game to have a sequel!

Beautiful game, slightly unclear gameplay

This was a truly beautiful and ultimately enjoyable game. I wish there were some more subtle hints on what you should be doing in each level, so you didn’t have to resort to the hint book which tells you how to do the whole level. It was also a little shorter than I expected, which I guess is why they leave the gameplay unclear (to make the game last longer).

Just WOW!

This game is so intriguing. It is beautifully designed with many puzzles for you to solve. You’ve really gotta think to get through each puzzle and as the game progresses, you’re just waiting with anticipation to see what’s next. Hours of game enjoyment and mind bending fun!!!!!

iPhone X :(

Not updated for iPhone X

Something very special

The game has no rules, you can’t die, and there are no points. You explore and come across delightfully insignificant wonders as you start to figure out what you are here to do. Did I mention it’s stunning musically and visually? One caveat—the bigger the screen the better. You could be very disappointed on a tiny screen. I have a standard iPad.

So much love here

Thanks for all three games, beautiful for kids!

Great but one annoyance

How to stop annoying apple game center login at start. I have all that silliness turned off on iPad/phone but it constantly pops up on this app only. How to make it stop?

Great game

I loved playing this game. The wonderful music and the artistic new places were incredible. Sure it’s expensive, but it is a generally longish game. Will be trying out other games by this company soon! 10/10 would recommend.

Challenging, fun, and great art.

This is a challenging and fun piece of art that you get to explore!

Bought it. Not working:(

Hi, I bought the app on Christmas Day (12/25/2017) as apart of a bundle with 2 other apps by Aminita Design but found out that it wasn't compatible with my device. Is there anyway to get a refund, especially since I paid for three but am only able to use two? Thanks.


I ended up finishing it in one week and was waiting for more. The way thos app was set up just astonishing. At first I thought it would be an app that you could do in 5 mins and is nothing like the sample But once i started this app i instantly fell in love.

Beautiful and fun

Few games exist that are on par with this immersive, challenging, graphically gorgeous, and unique game.

Pure beauty.

This game is a work of art, and I feel huge loss along w/ great appreciation after having completed the game.

Bemusing game of exploration and play

I’ve seen many reviews complaining about the lack of instructions or guidance in the game. And they’re correct, there is very little...but this is why I enjoyed it. I felt like the little character in the story, not sure what I’m supposed to be doing yet intrigued by the odd characters and awed by the new worlds. And willing to jump in and just see what happens. I like discovering how a game is played, especially since I’m one who enjoys poking, prodding, and pulling any button, lever, bug, leaf, asteroid, crater, etc. there is...just to see what happens. The story and humor are whimsical and silly. I can see parents playing it with their younger kids and giggles spilling out from both. The art and music are rich and colorful, full of fun. They’re the stars of this game. So if you’re a gamer that needs more depth to a story and prefers more structure and guidance in a game, this isn’t for you. But if you enjoy meandering across quirky worlds, and stopping to smell the alien flowers, then Samorost 3 will charm you.


So far my favorite game Amanita has designed. although I really want to play Samorost 1&2 please tell me how

Piece of artwork, the music is beautiful

Not a big fan of game.. that said, this game is totally different from normal ones and the graphic is gorgeously done! The storyline is very unique - a touch of environmentalism, which i love! This is my first game from Amanita Design. Definitely gonna try out the other two! Highly recommended👍🏻

Awesome as usual

This game as with all hanged made by amanita design is simply awesome. It is really very hard but also extremely fun! Need I say more.

Made for mouse, not fingers.

Difficult to play on phone screen, frustration takes you out of the magical world created. Tiny details covered by fingers, too fine to control. Feels like game not made for phone, just imported. Beautiful but wasted money because poor UI ruins UX.

Beautiful game but complicated

This game is simply the most beautifully crafted game. The graphics are a wonderful piece of art. Truly. But this game is also a bit complicated to get through and at times, not exactly intuitive to figure out the puzzle. I’ve had to use the walkthrough online to get through a good chunk of these tasks. Still a great game though!

Beautiful but opaque

I love the look of this game but the puzzles were way too complicated for me. I could figure out that I was supposed to do something, but couldn’t guess what. After I used a walkthrough for a hint I was fine, but needing to do that repeatedly was not fun.

Most playable ..

Played this with my five year old daughter as a partner on a trip. What a blast, beautiful and magical, one of the most enjoyable games I've played in years ... was sad it ended .. hope they build more.


Really enjoyed this game. It leaves one with such a serene sense. Something symbiotic about the scenery, the music, and the quest...


So fun and beautiful. The puzzles are amazing

Scammed out of money due to incompatible device...

Buyer beware. Make sure your device is compatible with this game before hitting that purchase button. This is the first and only app I've come across that still allows you to purchase it, even if your device isn't compatible. You literally open the game and get a dialog box telling you about the incompatibility issue, and it's left at that. You can not do anything else and you're most likely stuck with a useless game and out $4. This is unethical programming. The fact that they allow you to buy it but then stick you with a dialog box is unreal. You shouldn't be able to download it period, as pretty much every other app in the AppStore blocks you from doing if your device is incompatible. The programmers know dang well that most who buy, but can't play, will not know how to get a refund or just won't go through the effort. The makers of the game still get their money all while a useless game is given to you. This isn't some 99cent game, so this is messed up that they are okay with this. I can't review the game at all and really was looking forward to playing it. I am only reviewing in hopes that others do not get screwed over and sucked into this nonsense. I usually do not need to check if my device is compatible because when you click to purchase/download, it's always told me I can't because my device isn't supported. Shame on you, makers of this game for not going the extra step to block incompatible devices from purchasing your app. It's not even a hard thing to make happen, but they would rather take your money and hope you don't want to go through the annoying effort to get a refund.


Gorgeous game! The sound design is mind blowing, and the graphics are hand drawn worlds that take you away from this one while you play.

Annoying game

Impossible to navigate unless you are high on shrooms or have a cheat guide. It's not at all intuitive, super frustrating. 2 stars because it really is beautiful but otherwise don't do it!

One of my favourite games!

I picked this up at work recently (campus librarians get a lot of downtime) and beat it in a day. The art is gorgeous, every character and creature is adorable, the ability to interact with almost everything had me showing the game to all of my friends and touting how absolutely precious the entire game is. The puzzles can be a bit difficult and require some explanation, but honestly, it's rather in flavour for the game, as you're going through alien worlds anyway, so why not make everything alien? Really glad I picked this up, and will definitely be getting more games from this developer!

Could not figure it out.

Too frustrating just deleted it.

Love this game so much!

This is one of the best game I have ever played! Amazing story, graphic and music! Beautiful! It's a little bit confusing at the beginning, but once you get into it you really cannot stop! Anyone cannot figure it out is because you are lack of patience! Also you really got to listen to what every character says to you even they don't speak human language! Absolutely love this game and thank you Amanita!

NOT an exploration adventure

This is billed as an exploration adventure (with a few puzzles along the way). What it really appears to be is a puzzle game with no real exploration adventure at all. And, the puzzles lack any reasonable logic. So the game becomes a random trial & error experience with little-to-no redeeming satisfaction. Never got past the three opening areas, and finally lost the desire to continue the 'game'.

Some bug

Don't know why, there's no sound when wearing a Bluetooth wireless headphone...

Glitch in game, no autosave of previous levels. Basically have to start over...forget it!

I am so frustrated with this game right now. Like a previous reviewer, my game glitched in the underground cave where you add an ingredient to a pot to create a bomb. I did what was required...but no bomb. Black creatures just kept singing and singing. I exited game and went to 'saved worlds' screen to reenter and all icons were of the scene at the very beginning of the game - identical. Not sure what would happen, I clicked on the highest numbered one, hoping it would return me to my most recent location. Nope. Back to the very first world. EVERY saved world icon brought me back to the first world. I don't feel like going through all those puzzles again! I loved Botanicula and Machinarium. I would really like a refund for this game. So disappointed.

Too much defecating for me

but otherwise a glamorous and multi-layered game

Amazing! Very creative.

I really enjoy the interaction. I'm not through the adventure yet. Im sure I will get stuck a time or two. The sounds and music are wonderful. This app is not stuck on language. It manages to avoid language and understanding in a creative universal way. Love it...


I am not kidding. Everything about it is spot on, the non-violence, the design, the characters, the music, even how it ends is precious. It's niceness is infectious, and although it may sound a little too much for a game, I'm sure that if more games were like Samorost the World would be a better place.


really pretty to look at but zero momentum. got bored pretty quickly.

Loved it!

Absolutely loved this game - the beautiful landscapes in each planet, the catchy & charming soundtrack, the quirky puzzles and the spunky little gnome - loved it all! :)

Love it - make another!

I liked Machinarium and loved Botanicula, but this was my favorite of the three. Make a sequel, please!!

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